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Updated: Oct 6, 2018

Just a girl and her horse

Friendship can come in all shapes and sizes. Emma lives on her beautiful family farm in Johnstown and has a very special bond with her powerful golden horse; their connection was palpable. I assure you, she's not always lounging on her horse, though! Since our shoot she has gone on to become a professional barrel racer!

Obviously, horses are a big part of Emma's life and we took advantage of the fields, flowers, and fences found at her home to showcase her connection with this part of her personality. I love getting to peek into the sacred spaces in people's lives - both to honor that part of them and to create a sharable memory. I never take this role lightly because I know the treasure the portraits can become.

As our time together continued, a gorgeous Northern Colorado sunset made an appearance. It's hard to stop taking pictures with so much beauty to capture. I was able to use some off-camera lighting to keep Emma illuminated and also see the changing colors in the background. It was fun for both of us! (Styling by @francescas. Hair and makeup by @youniquesalonandspa)

Next, as part of her multi-shoot package, we headed over to Red Rocks in Morrison, Colorado. Now, if you haven't experienced Red Rocks in all it's glory, you are missing out, my friend! And if you have, well, then you know exactly why it's so special. Emma and her family have spent a lot of time there in the summers, so it was a great way to represent another side of her personality. I love the contrasts between the different settings - it shows the richness and variety of Emma's uniqueness. Like all of us, we can't be put into a simple box or summed up in one setting. We are varied, intricate, and stunning in our complexity.

We all have places that feel like home - sometimes it's our actual home and sometimes it's much different. I love to travel and to explore. The challenge of new environments makes me thrive. Maybe you'll share your space with me, too; it would be an honor to join you. Contact me here.


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