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Today we get to take a little trip down memory lane...

Meet Gabi. She graduated back in 2015, but her shoot holds a special place in my heart. After I captured her unique moments as a senior in high school, I realized I really loved working with and getting to know High School students at this time of transition in their lives. I loved the energy and the possibilities. I loved the freedom and the awkwardness and the bravery. It was this shoot that focused my camera on what has become my passion and my specialty. And while my style has changed dramatically since this shoot, the impression it left on my heart was lasting.

Gabi is special in my life because she had been my nanny and my sister's nanny, loving our kids and integrating into our family. We all love her dearly. My kids, nieces and nephews love her like family.

The comfort we'd established in our relationship allowed for a different dynamic when we did our shoot. I have carried that lesson into every shoot since. I really get to know my clients - their hopes and dreams, their plans after high school...I want to know them as they are now and watch them grow into who they will become.

I've often spoken of my love of building community and supporting our local businesses. At the heart of it all is relationship. When my relationship deepens with my clients, our community grows closer. I've had the honor of working with the same high school senior, or same family, multiple times because our relationship made us more than just photographer and client. It's not a job for me - it's my life, my passion. When I work with someone we laugh and sometimes cry together, we create and lift each other up... we honor and highlight each others gifts and it is a special thing. That's really what life is - a collection of meaningful moments and the impressions we leave on each other. Don't miss them - capture them!

It would be my honor to get to know you and your moments. Contact me and let's talk!


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