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Say hello to Maya!

This girl is one of those people that will continually surprise you. Before our shoot Maya filled out my questionnaire and not only had fun ideas for the shoot, but revealed a very deep-thinking mind. She fills her time with all kinds of creative activities including film-making, choir, playing ukulele, and writing. (@miastegner) She has also been on her school's newspaper staff all four years of high school and she is a successfully published author in her own right.

Maya is an introvert that expresses her creativity through all sorts of media outlets. I love that she wanted to really represent herself, past and present, in an honest way. She almost feels like family as I've had the pleasure of shooting her family so many times over the years. I also shot her brother's and cousin's senior photos and numerous family photos and family reunions. One of the most beautiful things about her is how significant of a role that family plays in her life. If you follow her on YouTube you will see her collaborations with her many talented cousins. Working with people multiple times over the years is one of my favorite parts of being a photographer; not only watching them grow and change, but also deepening our relationship and familiarity with each other.

I absolutely love the fun glimpses we got into the musician side of Maya. These are portraits that will remain a beautiful look into this moment of time in her life. I hope you feel the magic in the images as I do. So many stories to be told here...

In addition to the creativity in this gorgeous girl, there is a quiet, introspective young woman who thinks deeply and appreciates solitude. Maya chose to take advantage of one of my multi-shoot packages, so we really had the freedom to explore and honor all the sides of her personality. There are gorgeous autumn tones which are another favorite of Maya's. (Styling by @francescas. Hair and makeup by Lisa at @youniquesalonandspa)

One thing you may notice is Maya's love of sunflowers. Shortly after our shoot she actually made this a permanent declaration in the form of a tattoo. ;)

Maya, I wish you all the best as you continue to grace this world with your presence and your creativity!

What are you hoping to share with the world? You have unique interests and gifts just ready to be revealed. I'd be honored to be part of your discovery or declaration of your unique self. Contact me and let's set up something fun!


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