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Acknowledge and Celebrate Your Beauty

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

Life is full of celebratory moments and seasons.  Documenting such joyous milestones is priceless and worthy of sharing!  Meet Amanda; a lively, adventurous, world traveler who wanted to celebrate this season in her life after recently changing careers and becoming a realtor in Northern Colorado.  We often do not take the time to invest into capturing such pivotal milestones in our lives, and Amanda proved a career change is an accomplishment to be proud of. She was a natural for the camera and her amazing smile was nothing short of model worthy.  This beauty shoot was so much fun to style and photograph!  It is so important to pamper yourself and embrace a new stage of life with excitement. Photographing Amanda was an inspiring time for me as a photographer, as I was reminded to never forget to savor each achievement in life.  And embracing change in your life as something to celebrate.  Nothing quite captures the gorgeous essence of Colorado like a dreamy sunset, native Colorado pine and aspen trees, and an air of adventure and vibrancy.

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