• Krystal Reeves

Bold in Color and Dreams

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

Canvas is a relative term for Allison. She is already learning to blend her passions of art, modeling, and photography. Together we created a one-of-a-kind photo shoot capturing unique color, lighting, and personality in an old migrant worker shack that is special to Windsor Colorado's farming history. The artistry of her young ambitions combined with my unique perspective and a dash of local history made for a super fun personality filled shoot.

Allison is part of my team as a Krys Reeves Photography senior rep. I was struck by her diligent focus as she created her painting on site as we shot. As both of us played with the lighting and colors a lot of magic happened.  It was a special experience for me to see her at work.

One of the most beautiful parts of my role is watching people come alive in front of my lens. We all have unique qualities only we bring to the world. My goal with every shoot is to capture unrepeatable moments, those moments containing a unique essence of person, time, location. Allison was all in and it shows.

As part of the class of 2019, Allison has a lot to look forward to as she wraps up her junior year. Don't be surprised if you see her work in the future!

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