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Gorgeous, gorgeous colors!! What more do you need? Fall in Northern Colorado is truly one of the most beautiful places and seasons on earth! Cloey was gifted with colors that allowed her to be like an autumn queen in a beautiful fairy tale. We had so much fun!

I met Cloey through my dog - well, specifically my dog's puppies. ;) She took one of my giant sheepdog's adorable puppies and we made a connection. This is yet another example of how my portraits are really all about relationships and capturing unique moments. You just never know how connections will be made when you least expect them. Cloey is an animal lover like me, so maybe the meeting wasn't really so unexpected.

When we first started talking about the vision Cloey had for her senior portraits, she shared that she loves fall and water (rivers, lakes, etc.) Immediately I had some great spots in mind. Although I didn't plan the perfection of fall leaves, we took advantage of them from every angle! I love watching my clients play in front of the camera, exploring different feelings, tones and parts of their unique personality. It really is a pleasure to help people make lasting memories. (Styled by @francescas)

I'm sure you have a photo shoot idea of which you've been dreaming. What does it look like? Is it somewhere near your everyday life or do you want to break out of your ordinary days? When we talk through your vision, I can help find the remarkable places to make it a reality. You can reach me here.

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