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Inspired by Strength

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

Every year about this time I start chomping at the bit for inspiration. The snow goes away, the wind starts to blow, and the landscape is dry and brown. My clients are recovering from expensive and busy holidays and things are always a little slow in the photography world. This is when most of us photographers take vacations, participate in workshops and classes, and work on personal projects. Last year, my personal project was dance. The images turned out so beautifully, way beyond my vision, and fed my soul enough to get me through the slow season. This year I am working on another project. I have had a realization about life and the brutal process of growing up. For me, my worst years were my tween years. Between awkward growth stages, a big family move, divorced parents, bullying, bad skin, and an unhealthy dose of insecurity I had a lot going through my mind and never the courage to say anything out loud. This is when I started writing poetry, an outlet I desperately needed. The pre-teen years are a joke now to almost everyone I know, we laugh about how hard it was and are thankful it has passed. And yet, every once and a while I meet some kids who are embracing their changes and taking charge of their futures. Even now, you know these kids are shaping our future. I want them to know they inspire me...that I see them.

Hear me now, You are not invisible to me and I want to give you an outlet to say the things you need to say.

Let me know if you know a tween like this. I want to photograph them! This is my personal project this spring and I can't wait to get started. I think they are all going to shock us with the depth of emotion and intelligence we are going to see from them! Thank you, Helen, for being my inspiration for this project!

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