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Noco Photographers Promote Community over Competition

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

It seems like most communities these days are overrun with photographers in every stage of their careers from the very beginners to the very established. Over the last few years a transformation has happened as the feeling of security has settled over me and the jealousy of competition wanes. What an amazing relief it is to be able to collaborate with other artists, meet people with the same passions as me, and remember what it is like to shoot for fun. It is truly amazing how we can all take photos of the same subject and end up with such different photographs. When picking a photographer to invest your hard earned money and time into both your visions should be in line. Photo shoots should be a collaboration of photographer and subject; certainly not a dictation. You need to fully trust your photographer, if you don't, move on and find one you do. We all have something to say, something to contribute to the world. It's been really fun seeing how different everyone's photos are. Once I get them all back of me I will post them. And I am hoping we can all move ahead working together instead of against each other.


Tonya Hance http://www.tonyascapturedinspirations.com

Tara Evans http://www.taraevansphotography.com

Larissa Clark http://larissaelizabeth.wix.com/photography

Anne Miller https://www.facebook.com/PerfectShotColorado

Camila Bruce http://www.camilabrucephoto.com

And, of course, me, Krystal Reeves www.krysreeves.com

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