• Krystal Reeves

Snow day in Windsor, Co!

Since we are having a gloomy Colorado day I thought I would blog one of my favorite winter shoots. Nothing makes me want to get out of the house more than a beautiful Colorado snow day! Luckily, I know some awesome people that don't mind being a little spontaneous, letting me play around artistically, and generally just love Colorado snow. Plus, they froze their backsides off in the process ha! Honestly, we get about 3 or 4 good snows a year in Colorado if we are lucky, surprising, I know. So when we do, I am always looking for people who want to get out and take advantage! Let me introduce you to the Wiest kids...3 teens who are very clearly confident, beautiful (and handsome), and just all around good kids. Thanks to them, we made some amazing art. I am always looking for new ideas, portfolio shoots, and artistic collaborations so bring me your ideas and let's see what comes of it!

#tweenphotographer #seniorphotographer #siblingphotos #familyportraitphotographer #nocoportraitphotographer #northerncoloradofamilyphotos

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