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The Art of Team Building

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

Each year I gather a team of Krys Reeves Photography Senior Reps. My team last year was Makayla, Ryan, Kaylee, Sarah, Paytan, and Taylor. We do several shoots throughout the year individually and as a team. Last spring I gathered my team for their second shoot as a group with a few new additions. We played in the many blossoming trees and explored our possibilities.

I'm a big believer in community. I love being able to facilitate connections between people, especially during high school. Too often girls are taught to compete with each other, but I believe when we work together we make each other stronger. Each senior got their chance to use their individual looks and personality, all while enjoying each other's company and having fun.

When we do shoots together, we all get some fun challenges and growth. Getting to see other girls in front of the camera can create new ideas and inspire creativity. As the photographer, I'm challenged to use the same space for different individuals and have each moment captured be unique. I love this!

As you can see, we found endless possibilities to capture a unique glimpse into each girl's life. Thank you to @francescas for the wardrobe and styling for all of these beauties.

Congrats class of 2018!! May the next moments in your journey be unique and beautiful!

It's never too early to book your senior portraits, (I'm looking at you, Class of 2019). Let's set up a time to figure out what you're dreaming of for your senior year.

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